New Jersey governor Chris Christie suns self on beach he closed to the public


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I’m surprised he didn’t just go full-Trump and announce he was going to do it. “Hey, let’s get real, the occupant of the highest office in the state – that would be me – needs the protection of distance!”

Of course, Christie’s move is Trump Lite. No U.S. politician does full-Trump like Trump.


Governor LePage?

Kind of a Trump / Rob Ford hybrid, perhaps.


I love that the best defense his office could come up with was “he meant that he was wearing a baseball hat.”


The Trumpublicans are inventing an entirely new way to spin shit…just say the most ridiculous thing you can think of and while the reporters speechlessly try to decipher your bullshit, change the subject to Obama/Clinton/evil Mainstream Media


New? Not so sure it’s new - but - it is exactly as you describe - and it is still working for them.


There is a segment of the country that will forgive him, simply because he’s on their team, he plays for the red shirts, not the blue shirts. It’s like watching a basketball game where every time one of your guys fouls the other team you either deny it was even a foul, or say “well, that other guy deserved it”-- Americans don’t care about the common good anymore, they care about feeling victorious.

“Wooo hooo! in your face Democraps!”


This is mild corruption by NJ standards.


I think the “newness” is that there is absolutely zero attempt to disguise it…like they take pride in not being subtle or clever. But you’re right, it’s been around a long time.


This is what corruption looks like:


It’s not a very large segment, where Christie is concerned. He’s widely loathed by pretty much everyone at this point. The Trump fans hate him because Trump rejected him and remember that time I heard he hugged Obama? After this and Bridgegate I’m surprised New Jersey doesn’t come for him with torches and pitchforks.


Remarkably clueless on the optics of this for a politician.


I have the strangest feeling he is planning an exit to the private sector.


Cluelessness gets you the White House these days.


Whose house is that?

Or is that just another shot of Christie and fam?


That’s the Governor’s mansion, which abuts the public beach that Christie ordered closed for the holiday weekend.


He’s a piece of s!@#. Jersey citizens want him fired.


The hat covers 001% of his body. The top of his head and about half an inch of forehead didn’t get any sun, sure.



I wish I could say things like this bother me…but I am desensitized to it now to the point that I just expect this nonsense.