Chris Christie vetoes unanimous bill that would make NJ cops disclose what they seize through asset forfeiture


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This shouldn’t take long to fix.


“If vetoed, a bill may become law if the Legislature overrides the veto by a 2/3 vote.”

Unanimous is still greater than 2/3, right?


Clearly Chris Christie, with a current approval rating of just 17%, is at the “fuck it” stage of his long political career.


I was just going to say, “after his public legal issues, his public fuckups, and his embarrassing shilling for Trump only to be dumped like a turd, how is he still Governor?”


Relatedly, his term is up next year:


He hasn’t cared about this state in years. It’s insane that he was reelected.


Please God no.


Yeah… good times in Jersey, apparently. I’ll have to text one of my cousins about it and see what they say.


No. No. No. No. Da no. No. Da no no…


Thanks for reminding me why I left New J in 1976, to never return, ever.


It’s the classic Jersey “low bar”. The problem is our Dems are so corrupt and pandering to public unions and developers that no one has much love for them either. We had high “billionaire without owners” hopes for Corzine, but he was not much good either. My Mayor in Jersey City was thinking about running, and had a “Trump moment” last year when he lashed out at critics of his defending gross property tax inequality by claiming they were just out to get him. He also gives away developer tax abatements like candy, and is still the best mayor we’ve had in decades.


Assuming their phones haven’t been “forfeited”.


You’d think he’d realize his career is decidedly over thanks to all his pathetic schlubby fuckups, but we’re talking about a dumpus who still thinks he has a chance with the mean girl, without realizing that even if Rot did give him the time of day, that’s not an advantageous side to ally with. Christie’s legacy as a laughingstock is cemented, set, and cured.

I sincerely hope he doesn’t go the Budd Dwyer route, but I wouldn’t be shocked.


It’s the same here in Mass.; for a liberal blue state, we often end up with Republican governors because the trade unions here are so widely corrupt, and the Democrats in bed with them find it hard to get any public support (outside of the unions, that is). And when we do elect them we get guys like Marty Walsh, who used to head the Teamsters and has proven to be as corrupt as you’d expect.


They’re all law-abiding, tax paying citizens… I guess there is the one in the metal band…


Walsh talks a pretty good game defending sanctuary cities at least.


Absolutely, where refugees and human issues are concerned, he’s been magnanimous. But on super shady backroom union dealings and fucking around with the MBTA goes, he’s not been my favorite fellow.


As usual this targets the poor. They generally carry more cash. Many of us have quick access to many thousands of dollars with just a credit card and a smartphone. Unfortunately for the police, this thing called due process is required to access those assets. When you are pulled over on the side of the road, your tangible assets are fair game and your rights are limited. It is common to hear reports of police overstepping their bounds but rare to hear of the police facing any real consequences for doing so.


It’s really no wonder that his approval rating is so low. Everyone who is anti-Trump hated him for being such a key player while he was, and so he lost them. And everyone who is pro-Trump hated him when Trump decided he was too toxic from Bridgegate. The fact that he is as high as 17% is pretty remarkable.


Because it’s easier and less expensive to just let him fade away into obscurity. Right now he’s basically powerless and openly mocked by everyone. He can’t issue executive orders and things like this bill will be overridden.