Charter's new way to be terrible: no more prorated cancellations

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Cory quoted Ars Technica:

Charter’s new notice to customers that the change is “consistent with the Terms and Conditions of Service”

The term it’s consistent with:

Spectrum may change its prices, fees, the Services, and/or the Terms of Service. The Subscriber Group’s continued use of the Services after notice of the change shall be considered Subscriber’s acknowledgement and acceptance of the changes, and the most-recent version of these Terms of Service controls Subscriber’s relationship with Spectrum and Spectrum’s provision of Services to Subscriber. … Subscriber may not modify these General Terms, the Service-specific Terms of Service, or the Spectrum Subscriber Privacy Notice by making any typed, handwritten, or any other changes to it for any purpose.

Ref. Charter Spectrum - General Terms and Conditions

tl;dr: ISP can modify unilaterally with shrink-wrap agreement by customer. Customer can not do same. Neener.

How is this not unjust enrichment as they’re charging for services not provided regardless of their TOS?

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