Comcast cranks up extra charges on cable bills, again, even for people who signed contracts promising a lower rate

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If anyone wants to do a story on how comcrap got their ass’s handed to them look up Gig City®

Carriers don’t stop until they are forced to. The only thing they understand is terminations. So if you don’t have the balls to go cold turkey with no internet - complaining is a waste of your time.

They change the agreement - you change the agreement and fire them.

And when things finally get bad enough. Congress WILL do something. Carriers will wish they had never gone here.

Bad enough? In the EU Comcast would be sued into oblivion by the antitrust commissioner. I don’t have faith in the US congress on this topic.


Hasta la vista, baby!

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There is a word for an arrangement where one of the two parties can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and it’s NOT “contract”.


They’ve got expenses. Congressmen don’t come cheap, you know.


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