New York Attorney General's lawsuit lays out years of Time-Warner "fraud" against their customers


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Is this why they are changing your name to Spectrum?


Thankfully I live in Canada, where telecom companies are required by law to sell their bandwidth to third party ISPs. While the wires carrying the data to and from my house belong to evil, customer-hostile semi-monopolies (eg, Rogers and Bell) that are largely indistinguishable from Time-Warner cable, thankfully I can do business with alternative companies that have actually heard of the concept of customer service, like Teksavvy, which recently lowered my rates and raised my monthly bandwidth allotment.


“Even now, Spectrum-Time Warner Cable continues to offer internet speeds that we found they cannot reliably deliver,”

Yes, that is true. I have proof, at home…


Actually they literally sold off the division to Charter. Convenient timing, huh?


Fixed that for you.

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