Charts showing how much support Trump has lost from different voting blocs

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If one thing stands out to me through this all, it’s republican’s true colors. That they continue to support this man, his corrupt administration and a senate that refuses to keep him in check says everything I need to know about republican politicians and republican voters.


But Romney voters still love him.

It’s not a surprise. One year in, conservative oligarchs and temporarily embarrassed aspiring plutocrats are the only people left who can plausibly believe that Il Douche isn’t screwing them over.


What is disturbing is that still so many continue to support him. One half of this nation suffers from deep psychosis. I just don’t get it.


If you think Democrats have much more integrity when it comes to supporting their party no matter what, I have bad news for you.


You mean the party that has readily asked for the resignation of their own in instances of sexual harassment recently? Democrats have proven themselves far more willing to be introspective and are much harder on themselves and their peers for it, not perfect. But a million times better than the right.


“Recently” being the operative word here. It would be a nice thought that they are going to try to inject integrity into politics, and hold their members to a higher standard, but history suggests that won’t be the case most of the time. I guess we shall see.

The numbers vary from week to week, but recent approval ratings suggest it’s closer to one third, with his “solid base” being substantially smaller. Not that you can tell from news reporting. Objective news reporting is so embattled that they bend over backwards to lift every rock to find someone (or something) with an opposing viewpoint, creating the false impression of evenly divided points of view :stuck_out_tongue:

Trump has declined steeply among groups that already hated him (obviously)

Is it obvious though? I wouldn’t be surprised to find that George Bush’s rating with liberals started pretty low and stayed pretty constant, as people knew what they were getting, even if they didn’t want it. Whereas with Trump, I could not have imagined just how bad Trump would be, even though I knew he’d be awful.

All random thoughts - I don’t know whether it’s common for opposition voters ratings to decline or not.


Haven’t there been studies showing that while Trump’s support remains high among Republicans, the number of people who identify as Republicans is decreasing? Ie., that Republican voters who get sick of Trump get sick of the GOP altoghether.

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Hey there Evangelical Christians! This might be fun time to Google “Stormy Daniels.” (Hint: it’s not the name of a cocktail!)


If anyone is gullible enough to believe that it was a $130k act of Christian charity to save the woman’s soul it’ll be his Xtianist supporters. Stay tuned.

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The grossest part isn’t the affair itself (at least this one was consensual!) but that he’d seek out a porn star who looks creepily similar to his daughter.


I doubt that pathologizing 1/3 of the US electorate will help, but… well there’s obviously a lot of selective rationality of the “America first” type going on, mixed in with a good deal of… educational deficits, and … ehm… “cultural conservatism”? OH BLOODY HELL IT’S RACISM AND STUPIDITY, WHAT THE FUCK.


But IMHO it is important to note that these are mainly cultural wars, while economically, literally everybody is a market liberal these days, with only minor variations. I’m curious how the predictable fallout of the Trump presidency and probable decline of the Republican Party might pan out. Will there be a change in the two party balance (or, as I like to call it, the ‘double one-party-state’)? A reform of the winer-takes-all electoral system? Or of the campaign donorship system, that cynics have characterized as “the best democracy that money can buy”? WE MIGHT NEVER KNOW BECAUSE THE ORANGE BUFFOON WILL KILL US ALL.

'scuse me.

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Whisper: raaaacism.

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