Check out Michael Jai White's fight scene from Toxic Avenger II

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“There’s no reason that he shouldn’t be a major marquee star.”

I’ll take “Institutional Racism” for 500, Alex.

Edit for, I love the Foley work in that fight. The hits sound like someone beating a sofa. :heart_eyes::fist_right:


I love Toxic Avenger! Everything about that clip is perfect… the fight choreography, the shitty overdubbed dialogue, the folly on things like the nunchucks and the watch, the public domain music, the “lucky for you, I have my… uh… piano lesson”… The whole thing is chef’s kiss! White does a fantastic job with the scene.

watch this toxic avenger GIF by Troma Entertainment

I got to meet Lloyd once, and he’s as just like you’d expect him to be…


Black Dynamite is fantastic: Black Dynamite (Official Movie Trailer) - YouTube


I’m wondering how the Toxic Avenger “reboot” will do. I think the biggest charm of the originals was the imperfection of it all. Supposedly the new one features Peter Dinklage and * reads notes *… Kevin Bacon??

I still miss the Toxic Crusaders cartoon.

90s tv GIF by absurdnoise


Seeing this younger Michael Jai White makes me think he was an M80 here before later becoming Black Dynamite, which has one of my favorite lines: “And when you pop the top, the panties drop.”

“… but Black Dynamite… I sell drugs to the community!”

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