Watch director Ryan Coogler break down one of Black Panther’s best fight scenes

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If Danai Gurira doesn’t get a nod for best supporting actress for playing General Okoye of the Dora Milaje…then the entire planet deserves to be blown to bits.

Hmm - I am surprised there isn’t a general Black Panther topic on the BBS already.

I saw it last night and it was really good. They dialed back the goofiness that some of the Marvel movies were using possibly a bit too much. People who think DC makes better serious films will be envious, as this movie succeeds where things like Justice League fails.

The costume and set design was breath taking. All of the actors I thought were really great except for Killmonger. I dunno, something about his performance just didn’t click… I can’t put my finger on it if it was the dialogue or delivery, or possibly just in contrast to the other actors. But anyway… the fight scene mentioned in the video at the Casino was amazing with this one really great long, continuous shot.

I also want to mention how great it was to see so much color. Movies like the Avengers seem to grey and dull the colors. I loved comics for the bright colors, so give me a GREEN hulk, and bright red and blue for Captain America. Ironically Black Panther’s costume is mainly black, but they used color every where else in the other characters costumes and the environment. Black and Purple is one of my favorite color schemes and so that was nice to see everywhere.

I’ve heard a few people nit pick the plot or the premise, and eh, yes in hind sight you can pick a few things apart, but what makes a good story in my mind is if you are going with it while it is happening, and I did. Star Wars makes no sense when you think about it, but it is told in a way you go with it. Oh and one thing this movie has more of that other Marvel movies don’t is a bit more character development. It is much harder to do with the ensemble movies, that is probably why they were able to do more here.

So yes, solid film whether you are a comic fan or not. I think most people will enjoy this.


All the more impressive that Coogler is only 31 years old. We could be getting films from this guy for the next 40 years or more! (Or alternatively, he burns out young and pulls an Orson Welles. Hoping for the former though.)


that was awesome

I highly recommend seeing the intensely technicolor joy of “Thor: Ragnarok” :slight_smile:

Really cool video with some fun insights on one of my favorite scenes from Black Panther. That Dora Milaje theme playing as Danai Gurira kicks ass was truly wonderful.

Yes that and Guardians of the Galaxy were delightful in that way. The new Spiderman was pretty bright too. Justice League (I know, wrong company) had glints in a puddle of mud.

I loved Black Panther, but watching this made me love Ryan Coogler.

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