Check out the deliciously insidious first monetized choice in this freemium game

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Huh. Not much of a choice— either pay up for a good outcome or be sexually assaulted. I don’t think I would like that game.


That game gets a big fat NOPE from me, then.
Even worse than Pay to Win :rage:


Seems more like a simulation than a game…*

There is a dichotomy in game design between designing them to be realistic and therefore more immersive and making them fun, but therefore more obviously a game.


I would have thought the monetized choice would be whether to buy a bigger door to float on that would also allow Jack to survive.


John, what’s the value of diamonds in real world currency? How much would it cost to choose all premium choices in the story? I’d like to calculate the cost of reading that particular illustrated tale, relative to reading a digital comic book.

My suspicion is that it’s probably outrageously expensive.


The tone of this article leaves me so confused. The premise is super fucked up, but you enjoyed it?



“Deliciously” insidious??


But you know jiu-jitsu, cos you paid, so it’s like The Matrix!
But more rapey… :thinking:


Who is this “BB Contributor” and will someone please deliver them a note telling them to stop schilling for abusive and predatory game designers?


yeh, awful design, shameful really


I’m gonna pass. Frankly, this looks boring AF.

I’ll save my “premium currency” for my IRL adventures.

One of the advantages of using BB’s blog view (with your browser running the EFF’s Privacy Badger extension, of course) is knowing who these “Contributors” are. This one is named John Struan.


Anybody want some diamonds in exchange for Jui-jitsu lessons?

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It’s fascinating that most posts from this poster are basically ads designed to look like spontaneous thoughts. “Oh hey I’ma talk about these coca cola lightsaber bottles just because” “LOL Baby Yoda” “Oh look a Disney thing”

“I’m so smart and cynical about this evil game THAT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FROM THE APP STORE GET IT TODAY” is certainly… a take.

Fifteen Million Merits from Black Mirror was incredibly prophetic - literally any attitude can be monitized, including corporate cynicism.


So I’m not exactly surprised at the negative reaction to this on here. I’m trying to be more open minded. It’s weird and rapey to me, but I’m also conscious of the risk of laying the blame for rape culture at the feet of the victims of rape culture. I know this is going on a wild tangent, but I’m reminded of a time when I saw Bill Maher was talking about Me Too and brought up romance movies. The male characters in romance movies often behave in ways that are extremely inappropriate in real life. Maher point was that women actually like guys to behave in a lot of these ways but only if they like the guy.

Of course that’s bullshit. Bill Maher probably like Die Hard, but probably doesn’t want to be shot at by terrorists or walk barefoot on broken glass. It’s fun to imagine being John McClane because John McClane is invincible. It’s likewise fun (apparently, for many people) to imagine being the woman in Love Actually who gets a cue-card visit from their boyfriend’s creepy friend because that woman is invincible in a different way. In real life there are probably many women who’d take the walking on broken glass option over the cue-card-love-confession option. So I take notice women being held accountable for and blamed for their fantasies in way men aren’t, something I’ve definitely actively participated in earlier in my life with a long-time disdain for romance novels (while giving a pass to James Bond).

Of course none of this is to criticize anyone who finds this awful. I mean, just look at it.


This is purestrain mobile game cancer right here. A narrative adventure where the “good” choices are locked behind paywalls? That’s total and complete horseshit. Just put an up-front price on the thing and don’t try to pretend that you could reasonably play it for free. It’s just wasting everyone’s time with your lies and bullshit.

Weirdly appropriate for the Titanic though.

“The ship has hit an iceberg! Did you pay enough to be in the upper classes so you survive in a lifeboat, or do you freeze to death in the icy North Atlantic waters?”


It’s funny, when I saw the headline, it looked so absurd I thought it was gonna be @beschizza’s dry sarcasm mocking some banal freemium game. But alas, quite the opposite.

Offworld, we miss you…


The article is shit, but the thread is gold


So in this version of the X-Files Mulder and Scully are played by Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore?


Or are Mulder and Scully played by Gary Shandling and Téa Leoni? :smiling_imp: