Check out the first 11 minutes of the new Ninja Turtles game: Shredder's Revenge

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It would be interesting to see how they’ve tweaked the gameplay for a home environment. The “fight and go right” genre was literally engineered to take quarters as quickly as possible. Without that pay-to-win pressure, I’m not convinced the gameplay format makes any sense.

I have a few beat-‘em-ups on my MAME setup, including Turtles, but they get minimal play. They get boring really fast without that financial pressure of running out of quarters.

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Agreed, but in addition, the games were also just one of the very few ways you could engage with TMNT media, and immerse yourself in that world. Now the choices are endless.

What stands out to me in these newer games is the clear lack of creative constraints from the development process. All the light and impact effects were overwhelming and every single enemy has a super smooth, bouncy idle animation, it made me a little seasick after a while. I may just be old, but it all seemed a bit much. Like a director with an unlimited budget pasting in 15 T-Rexes, when one would have been scarier.

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I still enjoyed grinding through both beat em ups and SHUMPS and bullet hells on MAME. Yes it is fairly straight forward, but you can also kinda relax and try to get good at the game, and actually beat it on fewer quarters. Though yes, they odds are not in your favor.

I remember my friend had Streets of Rage 2 on his Genesis and we enjoyed playing that a lot.

So - this new game. Love the aesthetics. What will it be on? ETA - ok googled it - wiki says “The game is set to be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in early summer 2022.”

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The gameplay looks almost identical to Turtles in Time, with some added super moves- which I am absolutely fine with. I was a little worried this would turn out horrible, like the abysmal Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled, but this looks like a blast and I can’t wait to play it. Just a little disappointed they didn’t show any examples of April and Splinter, who apparently are playable characters this time around.

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