Check out the first trailer for The Last of Us

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Solely because of The Mandalorian, I am willing to overlook Pedro Pascal’s performance in Wonder Woman: 1984 and give this a chance.


The plot line of “person with immunity to becoming a zombie during the apocalypse” reminds me of Z Nation. Although that was considerably more low budget and tongue in cheek since it was produced by The Asylum.

I think you’ve got this reversed

I was skeptical but this looks genuinely interesting. I can only hope this avoids the recent downturn in zombie fare like the last seasons of Walking Dead and whatever that Resident Evil Netflix show was.

Considering The Asylum’s track-record, Z Nation was surprisingly… not horrible.

He’s everywhere these days. As is Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont), who also played Lady Jane Grey in Becoming Elizabeth", Whatever else you can say about Game of Thrones; it certainly jump-started a lot of careers.


Good in “Prospect” too – terrific low-budget SF.

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