Check out the hot women in the 2016 Pirelli Tire Calendar


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I don’t know if I have the right body type for the Pirelli Tire Calendar, but some days I feel like I could give the Michelin Man a run for his money.



I’ll admit it. I find Amy Schumer sexy. I will not be shamed by this.


From just a thumbnail I said, hey, that looks like Fran Lebowitz. I’m pleasantly surprised to have been right.


Look Amy, you know we aren’t doing the naked thing this year right? Seriously you can put your clothes back on if you want…well okay, your choice. :slight_smile: or that is how it went in my head at least…


I think this is a savvy (if late) business move by Pirelli.

. . . but . . . . is it wrong to want to look at naked ladies?


Apparently that was what the story behind that photo was meant to be - that she didn’t get the memo about wearing clothes.


Who would shame you for that?


Some day, when I am rich and bored, I shall publish my own calendar.


Yes, it shall be called Eccentric Chaps in Suits. I should be able to sell… Six? Maybe seven?


I am slightly depressed that, despite the fact that nowadays I believe women take most of the photos, there are so few successful women professionals that they are easy to identify at first glance.


Pretty much all stereotypical dudebros and their ilk in their natural habitat. So pretty much groups of men at bars and in many a gym locker room.

There’s a sense among some men that they need to police people’s personal preferences when it comes to attraction. My personal response to this kind of thing varies between telling them that they’re hardly in a position to point fingers in the conventional standards of attractiveness arms race…

… and telling them to fuck off.

But most of the time I don’t talk to them.


They wouldn’t want anyone to suspect that they might be attracted to the wrong type.

Also, on a cynical note, I’m not sure anyone was expecting a nudie calendar to be “revolutionary”. I’m going to guess that they’re doing something different because it wasn’t selling well anyway.


It’s not sold at all.


Oh, that’s cool then. Good for them.


Jerks and assholes.


It doesn’t sell.


Fuck, ninja’ed. And just for that, pirelli tires suck.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

Exactly. There are plenty of folks (I assume mostly male) who do not find her attractive as she doesn’t fit their stereotype.


Yeah, I heard. I don’t mind being wrong about a cynical assumption.