Check out the latest Asthma Scam

So, in past posts I have mentioned how long it takes to get a prescription filled here in the UK.
Finally, after a mere eight days and a nagging visit, I managed to collect my medication from Jardines, a nationwide network of UK chemists.

Quick bit of background - I used to get 2 x 100-strength Symbicort, but the asthma clinic decided I was using too much or the dose wasn’t strong enough, so in their wisdom they precribed me 1 x 200-strength Symbicort. (Yeah, I know. Math, right?).

My prescription now is 2 x 200-strength Symbicort until, according to the chemist (Jardines, let’s name and shame) it suddenly isn’t.

I have received 1 x 200-strength and 1 x 160-strength which came in a 200-strength box.

Hey, don’t take my word for it:

Note that the blue crap all over the 160 is where they’d wrapped the 'scrip label around the inhaler to conceal their deceit. I had to soak it off.


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