Thanks to the meth wars, cold medicine's effective ingredient isn't


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Hah. Cory’s got a cold again :smiley:
(for the record, phenylephrine makes me feel like hammered shit. I’d rather have the bloody cold).


Best for relieving nasal congestion?


Come to Canada! Stock up on Sudafed and OTC Codeine! Together they can help you take on the world!


Or just to better enjoy getting the rest you need to be getting while taking a sick day and binge watching bad cinema!


Pffft! Sick days aren’t for being sick!!! They’re for pipping off work!!


You can still get pseudophedrine. It’s just behind the counter. Bronkaid or Primatene “asthma medicine” contains ephedrine and works even better.


God knows I have enough after 7 years of telecommuting. Between almost never getting cold/flu cause not around cow orkers all day and the few you get not being bad enough to bother.
Now that I do have to go to an office I got a flu shot and I have been taking my sick days even though I am allowed to make that a telecommute day.


Our work takes us to China frequently. One of the guys (not Chinese) who was suffers nasal congestion tried to buy salt water nasal spray. Went to the pharmacist with pictures and translations. But that’s not what they sold him. He said the stuff he got burns like fire, but clears you out. Later, one of the women in our group got sick with terrible congestion and gave it a try. She so miserable, she’d try anything. Loved it.

We still don’t know what it is. From their descriptions, it sounds like they were snorting liquid horseradish.


Yay war on drugs!


Depends where you are the pharmacy. I tried in Florida, nope, three different pharmacies tried to pawn herbal bullshit off on me. Georgia no problem tho. Did need to show ID tho.


What could improve that more than a low-intensity OTC speedball?


Wait, how do you use the asthma medicine to clear your sinuses? Just use as normal?


I’ve taken a plain-saline nasal spray, and made a “tea bag” of cayenne pepper using a coffee filter. You basically get a product called “Sinus Buster” for a much lower price. I’d recommend making a strong brew, the diluting with saline to … ah … ‘taste’.


Yeah, ephedrine is just a stronger version of pseudophedrine. For asthma, it opens up the bronchial passages, but it works just as well on sinuses. It also keeps you awake and suppresses appetite. They mix it with guaifenesin, which also helps chest congestion.


I’ve always told people that the “PE” (in names like Sudafed PE) stands for “Placebo Effect”.


thank you for linking to the study results. Did I miss something? The study was for seasonal allergy sufferers, not someone with a cold. The first line of the study says “Nasal symptoms attributed to seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis (AR)…”, and under participants, it clearly states the are all “Healthy participants older than 18 years were included if they had a documented or patient-reported (1) history of SAR caused by spring pollen within the last 4 years and (2) symptoms over at least the last 2 spring allergy seasons.” Your article misrepresents all of this, and does not even mention seasonal allergies.


Although the test was for allergy-caused congestion, the results can be broadly applied to the cold and other causes. This is because decongestants work on the symptoms, not the cause–it really doesn’t matter what is causing the congestion.


Pretty much my problem too, only now I know it isn’t doing anything. . .


Just wondering how you ork a cow? :slight_smile: