Spring allergies are here so I'm rinsing my sinuses out


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Also known as waterboarding.


This helps me too, although I rarely empty the bottle in one go. Maybe I should start doing that?


symptom improvement ranging from 3.150 to 70.492% resulted from the regular use of SNI

The additional consumption of pharmaceuticals was able to be lowered with the aid of SNI by 24.154–100%.

The calculated improvement in quality of life was 29.846–37.476%.


I keep swapping nostrils til its empty. Right now I wish I could do it again, because the headache is mounting back up.


No reason why not… I mean, I guess unless you’re somewhere where someone would mind…

I’ve been going to a ENT because I keep getting sinus infections, and having ear trouble as well, and he has me on some nasal spray, which doesn’t seem to be helping much (since I just got another sinus infection last month). I swear the pollen has gotten so bad down here that’s got to be triggering more allergy issues for people. I never used to have this problem, but I guess you can develop allergies later in life.


I have used a neti pot occasionally for decades, and never had anything but good results. My cousin had used one in India and when she came back the USA in the early 1970s she made them for our extended family in my grandmother’s ceramics shop.


Though Naegleria fowleri is easily prevented by normal sterilizing practices, I’m still terrified enough of it that I don’t know if I’d ever be able to use a neti pot


Everything is yellow here. Even tastes yellow.


Two words: Neti Pot.

also - if you’re going to use a neti pot, be sure to cut your jalapeno peppers after

painful voice of experience speaking


I add my own sea salt and baking soda to a gallon of distilled water, and then when I take a shower I’ll first fill up a little bowl with hot water, then plop the nasal squirter in that. Toward the end of the shower, the nose water is right around body temperature and ready to go. I’ve also found that staring straight up at the ceiling for about 20 seconds, and rolling my head side to side helps it fall out of my labyrinthian sinuses better.


I use my Neti bullet faithfully when my sinuses begin to act up, not just during hay fever season.


Another neti pot user here.

My only warning is don’t use any pressure if you have a “squeeze” bottle type, that’s super painful.


along with the Neti pot, I use XLEAR nasal spray; a solution containing the plant sugar xylitol . As used in Trident gum, said to counteract biofilms. They spray works well for me, and can be used often if needed. I also have some xylitol crystals which I sometimes use to make a neti pot rinse. If you do this, note that most bulk packaged xylitol has fillers ( it is used as a cane sugar alternative ) and you want to make sure you get the pure crystals…


Have you considered allergy immunotherapy?

Yes, you can develop allergies later in life.


Given that I keep getting sinus infections, I’m guessing/thinking a visit to an allergist might be next. I’ve heard people having good, long lasting success with shots, so that might be the way to go.


I use the drops, myself (have a bit of needle anxiety), but the mechanism is the same. The only downside is how long it takes. You pretty much have to stick with immunotherapy for several years before you see substantial relief. Meanwhile, the evil yellow dust keeps drifting down…


Stupid sexy trees.

Thanks for sharing! Hopefully, I can get some long term relief at some point before I shuffle off this mortal coil! :wink:


Oh, yeah. That’s why neti pot flushing is safer. The flow is gently gravity fed.


You can save a few bucks when you run out of the special powder by mixing (non-iodized) salt and baking soda, maybe pulverize in a mortar & pestle.