Check out the most useful hoodie ever made

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Is this made for the fake prank videos where a guy with a hoodie steals a guys hat, and run around a corner, takes off the hoodie and walks back around like he didn’t do anything?


Nah, I still want this one:


If we are talking hoodies with a gimmick, I would like this one please.


This company makes and sells more usable hoodies

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Clever. But let’s face it, I would stuff so many stuff into it that it would not last long.

So many advertisements on this site now.

I thought I was safe with an adblocker (Have you ever visited Boing Boing on someone else’s’ computer? I don’t recommend or share links to bb because it’s so unusable) But this advert as article is… i dunno. Another nail in the coffin?

You might find the ads less intrusive on a smartphone.

Maybe I have high expectations (although I do not think so).

This is less a backpack than one of those gear bags you get for free for signing up for a 5k fun run.


This kind of hoodie is the most useful hoodie ever made:

(I have no idea which version of the kangaroo pouch for kitties hoodie is the best one, but all of them are way better than some hoodie that turns into a back pack given that hoodies are meant to be worn at all the times nobody in their right mind should be wearing a hoodie.)

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