Check out the new song from Daveed Diggs' experimental sci-fi hip-hop group, clipping.

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Great recommend! Daveed Diggs is one of the best living MCs. There is something about the clarity of his voice, even during high-speed lyrical gymnastics, that lets the vivid storytelling just shine. Most clipping. tracks just engross me, taking me on a journey, in a way that most other rap does not. Also, how seriously talented do you have to be to pull off rapping over that alarm clock? Their track Chapter 319 has, to me, been one of the most powerful anthems to come out of the more recent movement to push back against racist police violence. The hook and chorus just stop time.

If you’re looking for more of that horror vibe, their Body & Blood (link to censored, but still NSFW, version) story of a female serial killer is what initially brought me their attention. Though their track Work Work with Cocc Pistol Cree is what really cemented a fan.

For some sci-fi, the story told on their album Splendor & Misery (which the article mentions) of an escaped slave trying to take control of the starship his people are being transported on, while the AI running the ship slowly falls in love with him. OOoo is it good.


Splendor & Misery is incredible. I put it on out of curiosity when I first heard it was a scifi concept album, and then couldn’t do anything but listen to it twice through.

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Thanks for pointing out Chapter 319! I hadn’t come across that yet. It is fantastic, and I could not agree more with everything you’ve said above. Work Work and Inside Out did it for me. . .


this is highly relevant to my interests

you’ll dig this

I happened to meet DD working on an no-budget experimental short film, a few years before he got famous. Everyone knew he was going places, but it was gratifying to see how fast he went from nobody to household name. If only talent was as important in politics.


I love Song Exploder, but somehow missed this episode??? That’s amazing. Thank you!

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