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For several glorious years, Dorothy Gambrell did a thing called the fun club, where you received all sorts of neat and interesting things each month… zines, games she developed, a newsletter, weird stuff… once a dvd that had all the historical events of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in chronological order… etc. It was not free, but I adored it.


i love mail art! it (like zines) is a dying art that is slowly disappearing.
i have participated in mail art collectives since the 90s. my focus has always been on the non-postage “postage” stamps that i create and print and use my special pin perf gizmo to accurately perforate them. we would trade entire sheets, or showcase them on hand printed post cards. mine are my own hand etchings and letterpress printed cards - with custom stamp and postmark - then (with proper u.s postage attached in the proper location) mailed out to curated lists of like-minded artists and enthusiasts.
still doing it all these many years later, but with a smaller - and ever dwindling - mailing list audience. doesn’t mean i’ll stop doing it. when you have to make, you make.



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