Check out these set photos of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in Joker 2

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His actual quote was “After six years of Shazam, I’m definitely done with superheroes for now” (emphasis mine). So…kind of not swearing off them forever.


well at least there’s an homage to the Harlequin pattern (hence the joke) there as opposed to just converging on the Tank Girl look


“Rough shape”

Though, admittedly, having the highest grossing film of the year is not necessarily a good measure of quality, but it suggests they’re doing better in some parameters than every other kind of movie. They’re not all billion dollar films, and that’s ok.

The genre is proven to be capable of producing enjoyable, well-written, well-acted movies. As well as some trash fires. Actors/directors/writers and sometimes even studios take them seriously, and audiences show up if the movie isn’t a trash fire.


Yeah, that it’s the highest-grossing film of the year and still not breaking even seems to say more about the current state of the public’s willingness to see movies in theaters (and the insane budget), rather than superhero fatigue (though I’ve been feeling that for a while). Though we’ll really have to see how the rest of the year shakes out to really know.


She looks like a noncommittal and slightly bored cosplayer. The first film had barely anything to do with the Joker, it was a sad mix of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, with a dash of references to certain themes from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns and a profound lack of understanding about how TV shows are made. So now it’s a musical.


On ice? Please say it is a musical on ice. Taxi of Comedy Falling Down on Ice.

When the titles rolled on Joker, I thought, “Well, what was that about?” It had a good, scenery chewing role for Joaquim Phoenix, and I liked Leigh Gill. If the film had a coherent message, it didn’t resonate with me. I did like that it didn’t use the lazy old, “one bad day” narrative from Moore’s “The Killing Joke”; and showed a more realistic path through social neglect leading to violence.


Devin seems convinced that all Superhero movies suck now and it’s a doomed failing genre which sucks and is failing.

Which is his right. My kink is not his kink.

I just filter all that out and try to get to the meat at the heart of his posts. Which in this case is “Maybe the Joker sequel won’t suck. The leaked set photos look promising.” Which… Yep. I’m with him on that.

I think he said some other things in the post about the genre generally, but I didn’t notice. It wasn’t relevant.

Although: as far as “superhero movies suck”… does that include things like the German Freaks – Du bist eine von uns (“Freaks: You’re One Of Us”), the Spanish Origines secretos (Canonically “Unknown Origins”, although “Secret Origins” seems closer to the meaning to me in many ways), the criminally cancelled after one season The Imperfects (which strikes me as having an X-Men/Doom Patrol vibe), or the Mexican Diablero (which gives me strong John Constantine vibes: also, does John count as a superhero?)

Not every superhero movie is Marvel or DC.


“Super Hero Fatigue” I like that. I no longer believe the genre is dead it just needs to take a nice revitalizing nap. I’ll probably wait for the bootleg on this…


Review: ‘Joker’ is a Dangerous Film That Will Incite Lonely White Men to Try Stand-Up Comedy


I have great fondness for Mystery Men, which was financially not that viable, but more fun than some financial successes.


Seems like another movie with some interesting things to look at, and not much else. Hopefully this one isn’t quite as derivative as the first.


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