First leak from Joker flick is him slapping Harley Quinn

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The slap in the video seems to hint that the dysfunctional nature of these two villains’ romance will be intact in the movie.

Well that’s just plain inappropriate. What kind of role models are these for our children.?


I agree. If my kid is going to be a psychopathic super villain, I want them to at least be respectful to women.


She puts up with him because he makes her laugh. Though that’s partially just the nerve gas at work.


You neglected to mention “and urinating on”… what the hell is this dreck?

Oh right… it’s dreck.


Villains these days… where is their moral compass?!

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Rispetti le donne!


Ewww, is that what he was doing? Maybe he was just making an obscene balloon sculpture.

Actually, that’s not a scene from the movie. That’s just Leto’s way of letting Margot Robbie know he’s not happy with her performance.

For the love of [deity], don’t watch “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”.

I now intend to recut the trailer as “Peter Greenaway’s Suicide Squad”

You are to blame for this.


It’s a family picture.

Next you’ll be telling me Tony Stark has a drinking problem.

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She also puts up with him because this is an abusive relationship and getting the victim too tied up in emotional contradictions to leave easily is a classic abuser tactic.

They’re taking the “unauthorized leak” thing way too seriously.


Most definitely. He’s always been portrayed as a pretty shitty person to everyone including (maybe especially) those he’s romantically involved with. Jack Nicholson’s version was such a physically and emotionally abusive control freak that his mistress stayed with him even after he disfigured her with acid.


I’m glad I’m not the demographic for superhero movies these days. Adult children appear to be the prime targets.

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