Check out this hand-knit Pac-Man Icelandic peysa


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That’s rad as hell and i would love one, should pair this sweater with one of these:


I like it, but I kinda feel like they finished the top part and then were like, “Fuck this shit, the rest will be black.”


I kind of appreciate that the sweater isn’t busy. But if someone were to be inclined they could probably knit a simple maze-like pattern on the very bottom along with the Pac-Man logo.


I’m wearing that belt right now. :slight_smile:



  1. It was knit from the bottom up, so she did the easy part first. It’s the opposite of lazy.

  2. Virtually all Nordic sweaters are designed that way, little or no detail at the bottom and then an explosion of pattern on the yoke after the sleeves are joined to the body.


And? :smiley:


Pics or didn’t happen :smiley:





Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. Tip your waiter or waitress. :slight_smile:


Aw, does it not really light up? Or did that just not photo well. Or is the battery dead?


I presume his is an opaque button. I’ve seen some variations that are similar to the one i posted but don’t light up. As far as i understand the light up one is a pretty recent thing that’s tied to a Kickstarter for some working mini-arcade cabinet replicas

Edit: Kind of i guess. I did see it recently for such a KS but the light up version has been bouncing around since at least 2012 per my cursory google search. Was even linked here on BB. Seems more sellers have it available now vs it being a made to order thing by an etsy seller.


@Mister44 - Mine does indeed light up, but after over 5yrs of daily wear one of the contact points between the LED and the battery came apart and I haven’t yet soldered it back on.

@Grey_Devil - Nice detective work on the article find! That’s the exact one I bought, though it doesn’t seem like they’re made anymore. There was an alternate version that was a $1 deposit, but I liked the classic quarter option better. :slight_smile:


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We were trying to stick to the traditional Icelandic style. The sweater is knit from the bottom up with very few patterns until you get to the yoke. We did patterns on the sleeves, but we felt the torso should be all black.