Unusual but colorful pouch


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You can’t fool me. That’s just a pair of nábrók someone made out of a court jester.


I might have guessed a clown (instead of a jester).
And given how much lurking in forests they seem to have done this year, they deserved it.


Perfect thing to keep my junk from getting stuck on metal objects during the winter.



The New Year’s flagpole descent was the worst…


wow, they turned my favorite part of sense8 into a pouch!


For storing one’s meat and two veg, I assume.


If you’d just quit pissing on flag-poles…



“offered by U-Shark”

Jump the shark in style!


Help, help! I’m being repressed!


I had a friend whose grandmother knitted something like this for all the men in her family.


An ex of mine used to work in an old folks home. One of the little old ladies used to knit these things all the time. She used to give them out to staff, other residents and whoever came by. Needless to say everyone found them pretty funny. I’ve got one lying around in a drawer somewhere.


I think the first few times you knit a bag in the shape of a penis and testicles it’s pretty funny, but the longer you keep on making them the weirder it starts to get.


Yup, in knitting jargon they usually get called “peter heaters” or “willy warmers”. I was on a knitting shop-talk thread once that really got into the minutiae of which fibres to use (warmth vs comfort vs washability), how to measure, and how much ease to allow.


Does it come in a smaller size? I mean larger. Larger size. Larger, not smaller.


No, no, by all means, you may piss and freeze as many flag poles in the dead of winter as you please, I’ll even hold your beer (while I get my phone out to video in portrait, the better to see the flagpole!)



Who needs drawers when you got one of these on?


Yep, just like gloves, (I assume you’re asking for an orange friend).


There are tea cozies, why not a bits cozy?