Check out this recipe for "corn ribs"

True enough. I joked for a long time about getting a “corn salad sandwich”, then it turns out there is such a thing. Then someone made me one and it was pretty damned tasty.


Vegan food often is! When it is not trying to replicate a non-vegan dish with ingredient swaps, anyways.

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After a lifetime of alignment issues and migrating teeth (even after braces), I would appreciate more folks doing this.

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When I was a kid I used to like opening up the outside of the cob and eating the middle. It’s basically filled with tasty, tasty corn juice.

(I think I mostly chewed on and swallowed the juice rather than the fibre.)


OK, what’s the opposite of liking this gif? :-1:

What’s called corn mayo is a pretty standard offering in British sandwich machines. Also the bakery at the big Japanese market near me sells a corn mayo roll that is delicious.

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Please do not openly police, rate, or judge womens’ bodies. Your preferences are not useful for anyone else to know and you do not get to decide what is “natural”.


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