Check out this silly fan trailer for Better Fuel Huell

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Back home in New Orleans? wtf?
Huell is from Coushatta; a 3 hour drive west from NOLA. Vince Gilligan would never write something that sloppy on character backstory. sheesh


That line was coming from Francesca who was just giving Jimmy/Saul/Gene the quick summary of events over the phone to shut him up. She clearly didn’t really give a shit about the details so in context it wasn’t surprising she said something to the effect of “I guess he’s back home in New Orleans or whatever” rather than making the effort to remember the name of the specific town.


Huell was a great character. But I was surprised how good of a character Skinny Pete turned out to be, especially in his return in El Camino. He was a good friend to Jesse and a lot more intelligent than I had initially given him credit for. So maybe a Better Meet Pete spinoff should be considered as well.


Skinny Pete was a fan favourite, and his piano playing in the music store was real. Charles Baker is a classically trained concert pianist. There was a nasty hoax that went around where the internet had declared him dead. It was reported really widely, and some news outlets were even fooled. He’s still alive and well.

One the magic sauces of that show is how compelling all the secondary minor characters managed to be. Skinny Pete, Huell, the Salamanca Twins, so many good ones.

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One of the fun recurring themes in the franchise was how so many characters, including characters who initially seemed kinda dopey, ended up hatching some wicked smart plans or making unexpectedly clever deductions.


Well, he did show an elderly woman being able to browse YouTube directly off a phone line connection (56k) on her laptop so unless in that universe you can get a DSL modem built into it…

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