Check out Tucker Carlson's clean, dustless workshop full of unused products

Yes, they do

The bowtie was probably the least bad thing about Murray Rothbard.


Not to mention his hands.

I type all day. My hands are not meaty. Slim.

But they are definitely covered with scars. More often than not lately, scabs.

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L.L Bean catalog model reject.




It’s kinda ironic Tucker loses the bowtie for this photshoot as I was under the (completely anecdotal) impression they had a history as practical dress for those in labs and workshops where a traditional tie might be considered a safety hazard.

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9 Likes lost a real talent when he left/was made to leave.

Just wait - @wanderfound appear will put as all to shame.

I dunno, he’s already a pretty big tool.


Totally agree. T(fucker) will be out clearing brush as soon as his assistant determines what constitutes brush.


I think they bought the faux licence plate cans and put them in the diorama because they added some color and an additional rustic touch.


I sincerely hope with all I can that it’s just another corner of the set where the “teen bedroom” was assembled last month.


Is this like W’s fake ranch, which he bought when he started running for president and he sold right after he left office?


I wouldn’t say so. Owning a “ranch” is standard American Rich Guy stuff. Buying a big chunk of property somewhere west as a vacation home and playing cowboy goes back to the 19th century. Typically these things are not operated as actual ranches or farms by said rich guys. They’ll do some token amount of having people raise thoroughbreds or rare cattle or something. But otherwise lease out the land. Usually leasing property to nearby actual ranchers and leasing mineral rights to oil and mining companies.

It’s a way to make lots of money off your cowboy fantasy vacation compound. Or at least get it to pay for itself. Similar to the way most of the mega yachts you see spend a huge chunk of their time being rented out. Especially for docked private events or TV/Film shoots since a stationary boat coasts way less to run.

Rupaul actually does this. They own a big ranch somewhere and get significant income from leasing out sections of it for fraking.

G-Dubs was just as astoundingly bad at it as he was at everything typically businessy.

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In W’s case, it’s pretty clear that it was a way to bro-signal, rather than inept business choice number 24453. It was Karl Rove who got W to buy his dude ranch. And the minute his presidency was over, W sold it.

RuPaul, on the other hand, does not have any need to bro-signal for his livelihood. He owns his ranch presumably to make money and for whatever other personal reasons that don’t seem to have anything to do with fake masculinity.


Afaik Prairie Chapel Ranch is still owned by the Bush’s and he has plenty of real friends among the rich rancher class in Tx. Make of that what you will but he wouldn’t be the only gentleman rancher-elite out there.


in the boingboingian sense


I occasionally do woodwork barefoot, but usually outside, not in a shop where there might be dangerous stuff lurking hidden on the floor.

They’re safer than neckties for working with power tools. (And by “power tools” I include people like Mitch McConnell.)

It’s not just artifice, it’s artifice created by someone who doesn’t understand what they’re imitating. I sent this to my partner, who doesn’t do any kind of shop work, and she immediately spotted the problems.

Stuff like tools in a ceramic mug? Ok, bad idea, but people do it. But it’s a workshop with virtually no tools, no stock, no safety gear, nothing in progress.


Exactly! I’m periodically a slob when it comes to my workshop - I have stuff in old tobacco tins, ceramic mugs, chipped salad bowls, I would never judge someone for that kind of stuff. But there are also multiple sets of safety glasses, dust masks and ear protection floating around, random bits of scraps laying around (all of which I’m SURE I’ll need so cannot possibly throw out!). At least one thing in progress and two “on deck” and generally one drying or waiting to be finished over in the corner.
That’s why it’s so fun to make fun of ol’ Swanson’s attempt. He’s vile, AND he’s showing his utter ignorance of the theme. What’s not to like? (Aside from him, of course.)


Those tape measures alone