Cheerful workplace photo

Die Hard ties with Arsenic And Old Lace for 2nd place, followed by Die Hard 2 on 3rd.

Which is kinda odd as Arsenic And Old Lace is set on Halloween. But it’s always round the middle of december when I feel like watching it. In fact my better half and I watched it last sunday.

Uh oh, in that case watching Brazil could mean either catharsis or despair. Better be careful.

BTW, why the regulatory bureaucracy (it always itches me to spell it bureaucrazy) of Brazil?

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She is assisting a sister-company with some regulatory issues in Brasil.

Edit: I did get the DVD as a stocking stuffer for Xmas…

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The four in front all have the same hairdo as well.

I was going to write something about this being a photo from an alternative timeline where cloning was invented and perfected in the 30ies but lex parsimoniae intervened and insisted they are wearing company-issue workclothes (aka uniforms) and a popular haicut.

And before you ask: lex parsimoniae is a fancy way of saying Occam’s razor (also written as Ockham’s razor, from William of Ockham who wasn’t a barber but a Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher and theologian from Surrey).

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Probably a uniform. They used to wear them in the most unlikely jobs.

I don’t see the problem. This looks like every place where I’ve worked over the past decades.

It’s called “corporate culture” you malcontents!!!

August 1942. “Testing small diameter” women employed by Republic Drill & Tool, Chicago,

Interesting about the date. During the war, it was illegal too quit employment without justifiable reason. It was boring wouldn’t cut it with the AUTHORITIES.

The plate holes have too be 5/64" larger then the bolt OD for play. Or you know… production delay.

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In a weird way, though, I think I’d almost prefer this to the ideas a boss of mine had that we’d all be so much happier if we were all in each other’s faces, in this stupid open-workspace plan with no barriers and always able to see what everybody else was doing.
Hellish doesn’t have to look like the obvious traditional notions of hellish to be so.


Looks like a black and white shot of the production floor at my office.

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