Cheerful workplace photo


Obligatory Metropolis 1984 Soundtrack Reference


Looks kinda like something out of the movie Brazil.


And all this time I thought the Foxconn workers were Chinese…

I think the worst part would be the acoustics, really. At least fabric walls dampen noise somewhat, but these looks like they would reverberate.

Otherwise, at least it’s not an open plan, right?

Woman in cubicle one to woman in cubicle two: “What’s this I hear about you forgetting the new cover sheet on your TPS reports?”


These ~3/8" diameter drills are referred to as “small diameter twist drills” in the caption. Rather large by my standards, but I consider a 6-32 screw to be medium sized.

Ohhh, you want the Nitpicking Department. It’s Being Hit on the Head Lessons in here!


I was thinking Ministry of Truth – I figured that it was a photo of some NSA adjunct facility for removing unpersons from historical documents.

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Not to nitpick, but I do believe that those lessons are being delivered here.


That would perhaps explain those eldritch stains on the cubicles, to horrible to contemplate!


Brazil is my favourite christmas movie.


My wife is getting sucked into the regulatory bureaucracy of Brasil – she has never seen the movie…

Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie.

I’m doing some engineering work on a steel erection project for a big solar array right now, and I think the smallest hole in the entire thing is 3/8" diameter. Just had to order a pile of 60" long, 1-1/4" steel bolts for concrete anchoring. So yeah, 3/8" is a tiny twist drill by my standards. :wink:

To keep this BB relevant, here are some cool videos of giant bolts getting made (no affiliation with the company):

Steel erection?

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fnar fnar

You heard me right. When doing huge steel erection the girth of your rods is very important for the satisfaction of the customer. It takes more work to push them into place, but if you use a precision driver then I know you’ll make it to completion.


They all picked out the same dress today? How embarrassing.


Well put.