Cheesy, Idiotic, and Dishonest Anti-Net-Neutrality Ad


Net Neutrality weirdos

What drives me batty about this ad is how it represents everything it is not. They’re disguising themselves as the people who want a free Internet, when they’ve never been those people.

This in addition to how they all but stole the EFFs graphic for the NSA.

They’re such disgusting low-lifes.




I’m not sure what this is, but the EFF is listed as a participating organization.


Who’s “They”?


Where? This is diametrically opposed to the EFF’s advocacy for regulating the Internet as a public utility…

Look at their website:


Whoever made this video. There’s no disclosure on the website for who pays for all this.


Odd. I looked at the mobile website earlier, all it had was a list of organizations, and EFF was on there. I can’t find the equivalent on the main site.

I couldn’t see any of the other content that’s on the main page (and indeed, feels really rather sketchy)

Edit: what Funruly said


Oh, fuck.

I googled protectinternetfreedom and got .net, which has some good groups.

Looking again, this video is from protectinternetfreedom dot com.

Which does look shady.


Yeah, was just about to say the same thing.


Ooooooooh. That is so fucking underhanded, I can’t even…


Indeed. The EFF is very anti-NSA surveillance, so now looking at the copycat’s tumblr it’s clear they are trying to co-opt big-brother paranoia in service of the telcos.


oh, stop worrying and protect the internet!

I found that link via duck-duck-go. Hunh.


Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Registrant Street: - links to the .com thing above, filled with a lot of Obama-takeover-hogwash, and a letter from “Senator Mike Lee, Republican-Utah” who supposedly can be contacted via, which doesn’t appear to actually be registered.

Senator Mike Lee’s actual website doesn’t have any mention of, and but one press-release regarding net neutrality, which does engage in some of the same kind of double-speak seen at

(the blog on the website is pretty moribund)

Nothing relating to the website, nor the words and phrases “protect internet freedom”, “internet”, or “net neutrality” appear on his regularly updated Facebook page:

ditto Twitter:

If he was really sending out letters with his name on it, as a Senator, I’d think he’d be mentioning it somewhere. So my guess is somebody’s just using his name? Is that dangerous?


Holy shit. It’s all true, except the roles are blatantly reversed. Genius in the evil sense.


So the .net one then:


wow - looks like they got hacked


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