Chelsea Clinton's husband shuts down vulture fund after losing 90% of his investors' money

What I see is perhaps worse: he bet that harsh austerity measures and deep government cuts would repay the loans he took out.

He thought that austerity would make things better for people.

He was wrong. Surprising only adherents to the Church of Neoliberalism


“Never bet on Greece” - ancient Mesopotamian proverb


I think you missed something.

I think that the change may have been intentional.


Ok. I’m distracted and a little slow today. :slight_smile: Carry on.

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Not until Elizabeth Warren runs for president.


I see what you did there!


That works for wealthy hedge fund investors. Not for everyone else in the market though.

I’d be much happier if the media regularly pointed out what awful shits vulture fund investors are rather than the horse pucky they do report on a daily basis, Billary’s kid’s notwithstanding.


He bet that things would get better for investors, and most likely worse for Greeks.

Even if the “worse for Greeks” part is true (and its debatable) , how is this news? Is it simply because its Chelsea Clinton’s husband?

Oh Please. I am sick and tired of people arguing that Journalism is gossip dressed up in a fancy suit. Journalists are real people who take their responsibility to inform the citizens of this great republic very seriously. Now, let’s look at what the Daily Caller actually reported…


Daily Caller

Never Mind…


Or it’s a vehicle for backdoor bribery. If it weren’t so obvious that they can get away with out-and-out bribery in broad daylight, that’s what I would suspect.



Nope, they’re still confident in Clinton. An investment in people is as much a hack as anything else.


But this is BoingBoing where facts never get in the way of an emotional outrage

At what line on the big-dealomometer is it ok to report on stuff that happened? You’re probably only looking at it from the first world angle, identifying with investors. It’s interesting to those of us who live in the countries like Greece where these dudes use political and legal power to force the poorest people in the world to pay tribute to them; often whole generations gets born and die before their taxes can go to things like drinking water, because their taxes pay these dudes, who only ever bought someone else’s bad luck at pennies on the dollar then wheel and deal until they can get political leaders to agree to make their citizens cough up the difference. For us, every bit of dirt, especially where it sheds light on the mystery of why Hillary and Obama were so supportive of hard-core republican hedge fund claims against the argentine people this year, is news worth reading.


It’s news because outside the US and small group of friend countries, this foreign debt business is fucking killing us. Literally, our neighbors suddenly stop being able to get their prescriptions filled and they shut down the schools and the trains get so deteriorated that people die grusome debts and the only ones who have the vote to help, are those of us with US citizenship, who unfortunately can even suppress a yawn here in the comments of an article they chose to open. For christs sake, people. Sorry for it being your comment among all of them that broke the camel’s back, but I’m sitting here looking at my friends with hiv no longer having access to the free antiretrovirals that the government paid for before some white dudebros with absolutely no qualifications to manage public policy and no scruples, just a little seed money and some contacts, convinced the new government to go into austerity to make them rich. It’s totally worth reporting on, and reading, and doing something about. It’s part of a system of white first world political domination of the world and if you heard of that thing they called neocolonialism in college, this is how they twist the arms of sovereign governments.


While I definitely sympathize with the situation you’re describing, I’m not sure how this incident is a cause or even a symptom of it. In fact according to the blurb it sounds like they were betting that the Greek economy would recover.

I think the accusation of shenanigans comes from the fact that Chelsea Clinton’s husband was involved in the deal, and the investors lost a suspicious amount of money in the process. As someone put it nicely, that raises red flags about it being a backdoor bribe. NOT that he was in any way encouraging the Greek economy to fail, or even betting on it.

No. When a vulture banker says ‘get a country’s house in order’ they mean severe austerity, and taking on ever more debt to pay cash for old debt. This always hurts the people, and usually pushes the economy into recession, requiring the government to take on yet more debt just to keep the lights on.


But suppose he isn’t a vulture capitalist. Suppose that he’s a cicadan capitalist.