When Brad Birkenfeld blew the whistle on HBS, the US government paid him $104M and sent him to jail

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...and the US government threw him in prison (as well as paying him the largest reward in US history), declined to prosecute three quarters of those implicated, and then put him in prison.
They save the worst of the worst for prison prison.

I’m done voting for the pawns of the wealthy just because the person they are running against is devil spawn. However I already have people blaming me for the future precedency of Donald Trump, because I refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton, and so it goes.


I know there’s no love for Clinton here, but it’s virtually impossible for Sanders to win the nomination at this point. Surely you’re not suggesting a Trump presidency is the preferred alternative?

I mean I’m a little torn on this.

This site has always been critical of all sorts of politicians, even those who are politically similar, and it’s good to have these honest discussions. But a don’t recall a time when there was such a vile demagogue who was a coin flip away from the nuclear codes.

Okay, so as a representative of the federal government, Clinton was involved in some shady deals. And it may have benefited her personally. It’s wrong.

But the alternative is fascism. Fascism! Rounding up undesirables into internment camps just like the good old days (and technically, the Supreme Court decision that allowed American citizens of Japanese descent into those caps is still law).

And as bad as money in politics is, I don’t think Clinton is capable of that level of evil. There’s a systemic erosion of women’s rights in country in case you hadn’t noticed, and who better than the first woman president to safeguard what’s left against an increasingly right wing white male congress. And she isn’t going to punish women for having a legal abortion as her political opponent has gone on the record as saying.


UBS =/= HBS. Maybe you were thinking of HSBC, which is also not UBS.

All of that may very well be true, but I can longer be asked to vote for one candidate just to prevent the other one from winning. I just can’t bring myself to, if you plan on voting for Hillary Clinton… good for you, and maybe better for our country, but I can’t.


Well hey, the Nader voters got to enjoy eight years of George Bush, smugly telling themselves that Gore would have been exactly the same, if you overlook Katrina and 9/11 and Iraq and a few other details. Now you can be like them!


Hey now, I didn’t say I was voting third party. I just might not vote. Maybe I’ll just write in Princess Penelope PricklePants. I don’t know yet.


Just remember, there’s one party that’s doing everything it can to prevent you from voting. You know, the one that’s exactly the same as the party that’s passionately defending your voting rights.

Which party benefits when you refuse to vote is left as an exercise for the reader.


I’m happy to leave it that way.


$104 million and jail time? Well now, that’s one mixed message.

Business as usual (as bad as it is) versus an actual, literal fascist? And you’re not wanting to vote? You’re just giving up in passive defeat? I don’t understand Americans. I always thought fascism couldn’t happen in the US - people would recognize it and reject it as too contrary to American values. How wrong I was on that second part - I never could have imagined that people simply wouldn’t care. Whatever faith I had left in my fellow countrymen is gone.


That’s what I have been saying, but why get angry at me? I Hate Donald Trump, I would never ever in a million years vote for him. However, when people find out that I don’t plan on voting for Hillary if she wins the nomination for the Democratic party they blame a future Donald Trump presidency on me!? Blame it on his die hard anti-semitic supporters! Blame it on the tilted economy and Neoliberal practices that both the Democrat and Republican party have embraced that have thrown people into poverty and made them willing to flock to a populist candidate like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump will not become president because a few million people voted third party, wrote in candidates, or stayed home. If Donald Trump becomes president it will be because we as a country have allowed the wealthy to take control of our country, because we have voted in politicians who do what they are told to do not by us but by the 1%, and yet you believe that my vote will make or break the election? I’m not sure if I should be honored or disgusted.


This is some grade A bullshit, though not surprising at all. Even the most patriotic and selfless politician (if they exist) would be driven by more than just “what’s in America’s best interest.” But that they would try to spin it that way is just insulting to our intelligence.

There are limitations on presidential power. If Trumps tries anything remotely unconstitutional, the Republicans will join the Democrats in impeaching him back to reality show land. The Republicans don’t like him. I could see them try to negotiate with him to run a vice presidential candidate that they could stomach so that when Trump gets booted out of office, they have someone to step in who will work with them. In the mean time, if the Democrats lose to Trump in the general election, they will win four years later. And hopefully by then, Clinton will have given up and a real progressive like Elizabeth Warren will run.

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i used to think that too, then the democrats in the primaries used some of the same tactics that the republicans use during the general. ugh.


Not as many as there used to be. Did you know that Obama can and has killed an American citizen without a trial? And he wasn’t even considered for impeachment over that?

One of Hitler’s first acts was to round up and kill the primary opposition party as enemies of the state. It made winning the next election a whole lot easier.


[quote]I know there’s no love for Clinton here, but it’s virtually impossible
for Sanders to win the nomination at this point. Surely you’re not
suggesting a Trump presidency is the preferred alternative? [/quote]
Perhaps the best we can hope for is that Trump will enable the nation to hit bottom the most rapidly, and thus allow us to begin making progress sooner. Clinton may be deeply corrupted, but she’s not completely incompetent, which may mean, in translation, she’d perpetuate the downward slide further than the GOP alternative, if elected. I’ll go on record as saying I won’t vote for either of those two, even if I have to write in my choice with a permanent marker on an e-voting screen.

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Blame it on the good people who do nothing when something preventable and horrible happens, the bigots don’t think there wrong and corrupt politicians (and their corporate masters) hope good people will stay away from the election. So back to you and BS excuses.

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Would it help if I told you there was nothing you could do to change my mind? I wouldn’t want you wasting your energy on me.


So you don’t take voting as a serious responsibility then. Millions have and would die for that ability, shame that lesson is lost.


Clinton comes out of that looking…

well, stinky as usual is the polite way to say it.