Chest-burster Creme Egg


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See, this is what happens when you switch your Creme Egg recipe to using standard cocoa mix chocolate.


More importantly, why is no one discussing the outrage that is the fact that these supposed “delicious” “candy” “treats” are filled with Weyland-Yutani ANDROID BLOOD!

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When people place a nice chocky in their mouth, they don’t expect to have the their chest bursted!


Not that any good will come of it, but this is a WAY better meme for “just look at this ______, just look at it” than bananas. Just sayin’.

It’s supposed to be the FACEHUGGERS that hatch from the eggs. The Xenomorphs burst out of chocolate bunnies.


RIPLEY: How many chocolatiers?
VAN LEUWEN: Sixty, maybe seventy pâtissiers.
RIPLEY: Sweet Jesus.


That’s some majorly hydrophobic skin that chest-burster has, eh.

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Perhaps W/Y’s bio-weapons and confection division finally got its hand on some Xeno DNA and was able to by-pass the middle man. The creamy sugar center of a cadbury creme egg could be easily modified to act as a gestation goo for the chest burster to thrive in.

You don’t fool me, Gibson!

And this is why Americans can’t have Kinder Surprise eggs!


That explanation’s got just enough plausible deniability to suggest that there’s a deeper conspiracy and that you are being used to spread disinformation. Who ‘leaked’ this to you? Be ware. Be very ware.

Belt-bursting, perhaps, if one eats too many, but not chest bursting.

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I can neither confirm nor deny that this guy is related to me

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