Chestburster roast turkey


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I thought that that thing looked a little phallic.


well that went to rule 34 faster than I expected.

ETA @doctorow you might want to fix the typo, then again it is quite amusing.


Alien has its own thriving rule 34 fan base, and those are things I can never unsee.


I was expecting to see this cited as inspiration:


“On second thought I think I’ll just have a slice of pumpkin pie.”


And trust me…it was absolutely delicious.

Famous last words.


As Pornhub statisticians are always quick to point out, porn comes a close second to food around the holidays.


Something about the phrase “trust me” that’s making me cringe these days


pork loin…i thought that was a lobster at first.


Added to my list…


It does demean some private gustatory habits usually glossed with transparencies and cutout diagrams.
Also ‘gluten sausage’ is not a term of enough art. Whole Dunnage Protein scorchamacisorjoy is too long…
Gotta rev up Dwarf Fortress just to see what they call it. ‘It menaces with hats of bacon.’

Full disclosure: Listened to Infectious Disease review podcast. …Ooooh. (Looks through wallet for card indexed ‘Bacon Travel’, checks online notes…not yet, oh well.) Danged internet… Them rustlin’ babyanatomists…


Seems harmless enough.


Speaking as the one tasked to cook the turkey this year, that one looks WAY underdone!!

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