Turkey testicle eat-off founder is pretty relaxed about nearby town copying his festival


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I dunno, just blatantly copying something like that takes balls…


Mr. T approves.


'Nad kabobs. The perfect meat on a stick.



Um, according to the quote you posted, it’s not the original (J.R. Westberg of Parkside Pub in Huntley) but the copier (Cliff Surges of East Dundee) who feels there are plenty of turkey testicles to go around.

Not the biggest deal in the world, but it does kind of mess up the “pretty relaxed” and “message of peace” claims in your title and post. ‘~’


They should differentiate the brands. One town can get tursticles, and the other can have testikeys.


If they’re anything like the chicken balls I ate fairly often as a late-night snack in Taiwan, they are delicious, and should not be passed up. Nothing like cow testicles, which are not worth eating, if you ask me.


This journalism is Bollocks!



Listening back on that recipe for the first time in some 20 years, I’m realizing that it doesn’t include salt.

Must come after they get out of the oven.


Continuing to prove the point that if you coat something in batter and then deep fry it and add some hot sauce, people will eat it.


Just reading that title literally made me squirm in my seat.

Wait squirm does mean “to adjust position due to discomfort” doesn’t it? For a minute there it didn’t read right :grinning:


Damn right. I couldn’t even find them. Are they under the udders or something?


I hear iguana is pretty good too…


I think this place isn’t far from the local Illinois bar that used to (maybe it sfill does?) offer contestants the opportunity to eat a live goldfish from the bar’s aquarium. If I remember, the prize was you didn’t have to pay to replace their fish.

Once you get outside the Burbs, northern Illinois can be a pretty cool place.


I have to admit that my first reaction upon reading the headline was “Wait, turkeys have testicles???”.

Now I feel a bit more stupid than yesterday.


As a testicular cancer survivor this has given me an idea. Turkeys aren’t big in my area but we do have a lot of urban chicken farmers. Well, they do it for the eggs, but since roosters are verboten in city limits that’ll make a deep-fried chicken testicle eat-off more, er, palatable.

Since testicular cancer is pretty rare and since cancer of any type is a scourge I’d want the proceeds to go to general research. The benefit of testicular cancer, though, is that when it comes to finding the humor in cancer it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


From Wikipedia: ““Cow” is in general use as a singular for the collective “cattle”, despite the objections by those who insist it to be a female-specific term.”

Good run at pedantry, though! You’ll get it one of these times.