Turkey splits up fight between roosters


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Meeting Officer Gobbles in an empty restroom is a completely different experience.


Needs a more appropriate soundtrack.


Remember that chickens can sometimes be part of the solution.


That turkey has an incredibly fearsome display. I was a little scared all the way over here.


And than to think I compared the Rutte (nl) and Erdogan (tr) fight to a cockfight.


Can’t we all just gobble along?



Gobble gobble, motherf…


Mmmm chicken…


I’m glad to see turkeys are good for something.


Two roosters? Silliness, unless one will be going into the cooking pot soon.


By interfering, this turkey has upset the balance of nature.


And the turkey did it all without once reaching for its gun or taser. Amazing.


I don’t know…the new rooster was the one starting sh*t, but of course the turkey popo only went after the black one. :unamused:


Friggin crazy dinosaurs.


Now now, it wasn’t profiling, it was a randomly selected OH GAWD A GIANT TURKEY IS CHASING ME!!

Yeah, I think that narrative is about right.


Turkeys are unfathomably gorgeous creatures.


He did follow the black rooster home though. (oh, @redesigned beat me to it)

Especially with homemade gravy and bourbon. Mmmm…


OMG! As that dude looks so bizarre. Is he big because he’s free range? Or hormones?


Brahma Chicken. Them chooks grow BIG. :slight_smile: