Chesterfield Borough Council pays tribute to Princess Di


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As far as i’m concerned it’s the greatest thing since Ecce Homo (aka: Derpy Jesus Restoration)


It fits in perfectly with their well built church


What the hell am i looking at? lol


Whats it made out of? I take it that your soul will only be captured if you stare at it in person, not via a picture of it.



That’s fairly interesting, not as big of a fail as the Tower of Pisa


It’s great that the Catholic Church loosened up and finally found a practical purpose for all of those Holy Prepuces scattered about the globe. It’s great seeing them all in one place, in a single display. Diana’s skin has never looked more radiant.




Maybe they shouldn’t have asked Peter Beardsley to be the model.


Then there is the Tesla Head Mosaic that adorned the Skyway substation for Seattle City Light

Tesla’s Head



Chesterfield is charming? It’s a s**thole, and has been one for a long time.


For a second i thought that was Freddie Mercury


the likeness is uncanny…


Posting to Imgur:

“So I made this thing - I mean, my friend made this thing. Isn’t she awesome and talented?”

“Hey, why am I getting so many downvotes? I mean her, my friend.”

Something something participation trophies

Side note: I heard about a phenomenon the other day called “the painter’s curse”, where self-awareness about one’s ability is kind of rare. So many awful artists thinking they’re John Singer Sargent, but so many capable artists who give up because they literally can’t see how capable they actually are.


A man chooses. A slave obeys…


It looks like it’s made out of flower petals, leaves, and grasses, which might account for some of the texture and colors.


Princes Di, or a viral ad for "It."
You make the call.