Chihuahua hilariously uses a found tool to get his human butler's attention (video)

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I can relate to this: I have taught my dogs to use a bell dangling from the outside doorknob when they need to do their biz

Though my older pug mix goes fairly regularly thus she has been nicknamed Little Madam Thimblebladder

Takes a drink, goes and rings the bell… gotta keep that fluid balance!


This is what we did for our Husky. She was dim as a 1 watt bulb and couldn’t understand the difference between going inside or outside for years…until we introduced a hanging bell and she just got it, amazingly.

Dogs vs doorstops is a pretty common thing though…


Because the Internet was made for kittens…


We did the “train the dog to ring a bell to go out” thing, but even so one of our dearly departed minipins taught himself that his large jack shaped squeaky toy was the way to remind humans “Dinner Time now!”. For a good 8 years he never played with it, but only waited until he thought dinner time was close enough (generally only 10 minutes early, sometimes off by an hour around daylight savings, or if we got up early or something).

The funny part is when the other dogs got hungry they would bark at him to go squeak the toy.


I had a cat that would sit on top of my stereo and bat CDs onto the floor until I got up to feed him in the morning. I once managed to hit him with a pillow and he cranked himself into a spring and sent the whole system crashing to the ground.

Yeah, we made the enormous mistake of training our Chihuahua/Pitty+ mix (now THERE’s a story) to whap the doorstop when she wants to go out. Took miss Freddie about 15 nanoseconds to realize that she can get all the attention she wants this way. Hungry? Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Want to play fetch with the rope or the dinosaur? Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaap! Bored on a rainy day? Bwhaaa…you get the idea.

It’s a damn good thing this dog is so adorable and loving.


Humans do it, too!



Some of us still play with the one behind the door, too…


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