Child of millionaire says Democrats investigating his dad are "not even people"


Stop! You’re making them hungry!


He has the Harkonnen chins combined with an upper class twit overbite.



I’ve had enough of the House of Shitbag.


Well, this appears to be a “come out with guns blazing” attempt at damage control for his charity robbing.

There must be some collusion between the Trumps and Hannity here-- they know the story about the charity is going to drop, so they make a special appearance on Fox News to attack the attackers, in the most obviously hypocritical way – everything he and Hannity said about the Democrats applies to them in spades: lack of morals, obstructionism, promoting conspiracies, witch hunts, attacking family members, etc.

I will still grant that Eric Trump is a person, just not a very good one.



It’s important not to indulge in dehumanization, no matter how despicable a person may be; therein lies the path to becoming sociopathic.


It’s quite obvious that he’s just trying to dehumanize the left so he can hunt them down like big game.


He truly does look like he was an extra from the business card scene in American Psycho.


Just like broken cookies, the calories don’t count – you can eat as many fake people as you want and not gain any weight.


I’m fairly certain he’s just a shit eating weasel.


And therein lies the truth. He is merely a human, a naked ape like the rest of us. Not some scion, not some Chosen One, but merely another mammal.


He probably thinks the half an onion in a bag twitter account is really run by a vegetable.


Oh not “merely;” unfortunately.

Being that he has ample access to vast resources and opportunities that are highly unattainable to most of our species (let alone other mammals) makes him and the rest of his ilk extremely deleterious for the rest of humanity.


He looks like he was grown in a cloning tank, as a backup.


I thought that was Theresa May last week.
Edit @Felton got there ahead of me


I really hope it was Theresa May, not Elizabeth.

edit: Oops, everyone beat me to it.


Yeah, my brain tripped over something on the way to the keyboard. Maybe if that Green Party thing does not work out Elizabeth will consider oppressive world domination.


Reading the transcript, he speaks like a backup too: the same choppy, content-free sentences, the same personal attacks, the same stats pulled out of his ass. Will we even notice when Trump the Second succeeds Trump the First?


Everything coming out of his mouth is so obviously applicable to him and the administration. I mean…


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:102321”]
Saying that certain kinds of people are not in fact people is a classic technique of genocidal regimes through history.[/quote]
Also standard in the USA’s training of base privates. With such glorious results as Abu Ghraib.