Child under the age of 4 shoots mother in the back with a shotgun from the backseat

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Why did I said “child under the age of 4”? Here’s why…

All of the children were under 4, but it’s unclear how old the child was who pulled the trigger, police said.

The sheriff’s office said preliminary information showed the woman’s three children were in the back seat of the car when one of the children picked up an unsecured shotgun and shot her through the back of the seat.


Responsible gun owners until they are not.


the only thing that stops a toddler with a gun is, … um,


Just like the guy who walked into a SunTrust Bank in Sebring, Florida and killed all 5 people inside.


Except, once again, when someone finally interviewed his ex, she made it clear that she’d been sounding the alarm about him for years.

Gun control should really be: the women in your life have to sign off on your application for a gun permit.


Child safety latches? We put those magnetic ones on our kitchen cabinets when the spud was little and I could never get past the damn things.


I like it. If your momma wouldn’t trust you with a gun, then neither should we.


Hold on . Didn’t Adam Lanza’s mother legally purchase a large cache of weapons and take her disturbed son to the shooting range?


The drawback with that plan is that a man who is too violent or unstable to own a gun isn’t going to take kindly to any woman in his life who stands in the way of him owning a gun.


True, but it’s not working out so well for women when there’s no speed bump at all, either.


She purchased the guns. Did her mother sign off on that purchase? No? The @chgoliz’s plan would have worked!


For sure, whichever child it was
will be charged as " an adult".

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Who leaves a loaded shotgun in the back seat with children? Everyone knows shotguns go in the front seat. With children.

Was a bank heist planed for after the daycare?

“Okay, get ready kids. You have your masks? Good. Hey! Don’t give the shotgun to Mikey. He skipped his nap and is too cranky. DAMMIT! …What did I just say?”

Cutest crime gang ever, before the shrieking started.

Gallows humor aside, that was fucking stupid and I’m glad nobody died. The potential for far worse outcomes was certainly there.

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It only takes once…

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A shotgun? How the hell does a 4 year old manage to fire a shotgun? And which one fired it? The one with the dislocated shoulder! I know, I know, probably just bumped the trigger, but that means 1) it was loaded 2) the safety was off 3) it was accessible by a 4 year old child, who is now faced with a lifetime of knowing they shot their mother. There is no acceptable explanation for this. None.


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