Chimp, isolated on island for 3 years, hugs human visitor


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Oh, baby… why do human beings have to be such destructive assholes.


Not when you consider his only source of food for quite a while has been a human. Or does Raballand not think of Germain as a human? Perhaps his trust was not immediate but took Germain time to earn.


–from The Changing Light at Sandover by James Merrill, page 19


sometimes i don’t blame the apes of the future for rising up and treating us like we did them.


Chews off visitor’s face would also have been an acceptable answer.


I was coming here to say exactly this. If his only source of food has been a human, then of course he trusts humans despite the mistreatment.

Also, while we know they were used for experiments, do we know conclusively they were mistreated during the captivity? Yes the captivity and experimentation itself can be deemed mistreatment, but that’s obviously not what I mean so don’t go there.


You can read more about Germain and his caring devotion to Ponso here

edit to add: some of the abuse is mentioned in the article. These animals were mistreated.


Thank you for clarifying. Based on that link…yes, they absolutely were mistreated to begin with by the NYBC.


The green beans part reminded me of Ron Swanson.



We suck.


Oh, April. How I do love thy sarcastic, apathetic, self…


Penalty: Extreme doubletalk.


There’s no actual hug in the video


Sorry, no money back guarantee.


Not sure why it’s so remarkable. Us humans find it quite easy to love our oppressors.

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