China City of America coming to the Catskills?


Does it have a “Brutal crackdown on Tibet occupation protest” section?

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crackdowns are performed every hour at the tibetan pavilion in “56 Pavilion Park”


Oh please, please, please no one say anything until after it’s built.

This will be hilarious.


I look forward to being able to drop off my old electronics while I’m there at the “Heavy metals contamination recycling dump”

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My parents live in Sullivan County, right near some of the old “Borscht Belt” resorts

They and many other locals are thoroughly ticked off at shadowy development deals. Large settlements dropped in the middle of nowhere w/o an economic base, “Indian” casino deals, and now this.

It’s like a modern day Ellis Island for China’s 1%. Wave your yen in front of the dummies and they will let you do whatever you want.

You know what I’d really like to see? A Vegas-style recreation of New York or LA in a Beijing theme Park.


Well America has been swamping the world with McDonalds, Starbucks, and Disney theme parks during the 50 or so years of US global economic dominance, so it’s hardly a surprise to see another growing economic power starting to do similarly random shit with no thought to what the locals might think of it…


Will it come bathed in smog?


“Forget it Jake, it’s China City of America” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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I wonder if they’re going to have workers’ dorms and 18-hour work days? America’s headed down that path anyway.

It’s odd that Fox just picked up this story… It’s been going on since May.

Times Herald Record Story1:

Times Herald Record Story 2:

Try on the China’s Window of the World theme park for size. It has several American landmarks included.

id kill for a full time job

Interestingly enough, that is one of the attractions, The Job Hunt Gladitorial Arena.

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Especially the dummies who confuse Japanese and Chinese currencies.

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Lol! Thanks

But isn’t a Chinese-themed city more appropriate for the “Borscht Belt” than the Indian casinos? After all, Chinese food is an important part of American Jewish culture, being part of the traditional Chinese food and movie on Dec 25.

Actually, for it seems no one is reading the docs at the site, is not one of those fake european cities or malls popping in China, but an “inmigration investment”, seeking “wealthy” people to come to America and settle at this… chinossiere environment:

*According to China Merchant Bank’s report: There are about 600,000 Chinese have above $10,000,000 Chinese Yuan ($1.5 Million US Dollars)investment assets , 60% of them plan to do investment immigration。


With a large growth of wealthy individuals and a high value real estate market in China, there are a large number investors willing to immigrant to other countries such as the United States.


Wealthy individuals in China seek financial diversifications and developed and stable environments for their children.


Obama’s administration promotes “The Regional Center for Immigrant Investor” program which will create more employment opportunity for Americans. The management team of China City of America has well established relationships with the US government.*