China: Doctor who sounded alarm on Wuhan virus dies of it

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Li Wenliang, 34, was reprimanded by Chinese police for warning of outbreak


That’s sad.


34? Damn.

Potent Wuhan virus is.


Ok, Doctor Who, is not Chinese, and did not die of the virus. BTW Dr. Who is a Woman, (this season).


You were right the first time: “Doctor Who” not “Dr. Who”

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Gotta love the bureaucratic attitude of these folks. We have a problem you say? simple fix, kill the messenger. The man is/was a hero who tried to help people and paid the ultimate price. I’m sorry we lost you doctor, you were a good man.


And you know the police who brought him in for “mongering rumors” had their fucking face masks on. Because when I hear someone’s spreading rumors, I make sure to gown up first.


The doctor’s story is at the top of the podcast. There’s a lot of anger on Chinese social media. (Which means that it’s outrunning the censors.)


Is it wrong to want the police officers who originally brought the doctor in for questioning to come down with Wuhan? I don’t want them to die or anything, just get served with poetic justice for “rumor mongering”.


Detained for two days, and forced to sign a paper saying he was wrong…
His pregnant wife is now also infected as well as his 5 years old son.

The police fist said he was under critical condition, but have to finally agreed he was dead after public pressure. In Cina, you are dead only if the police say so.
Still think China Communist Party is doing good for the world?

Dictator Xi still never visit Wuhan since the beginning of this crisis.
Police is installing locker outside of inhabitant door to keep them for going outside (In Hanghzou), city of 10 Milion people, 300 Km from Shanghai. Still, numbers keep rising.

Current propaganda Wechat campaign is now focusing on removing the “Chinese” reference to the flu name as H1N1 was never called USA flu and killed way more (According to Chinese twisted numbers)
Priorities in this country are to keep the face more than saving people life, apparently.
(edited: I have put his forced confession after 2 days of jail)


Why would he? It’s not like he has to work for his re-election or something.
Besides, it would show that he is not the strong leader who can deal with everything. Leaders of authoritarian regimes think it’s a bad look for them. And might prompt someone to do to him what he did to his predecessor.


No, but it was called Spanish Flu.


Comparing like for like, Chinese patients seem to be hit harder than patients elsewhere. I wonder if environmental factors such as pollution could be causing that.

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People in Wuhan confirmed as being infected can’t get hospital beds and are staying at home, infecting their relatives. There are so many that the authorities treat them simply as troublesome complainers.


Don’t worry, I’m sure, the fascists higher up will make sure that these lower level officers will be swiftly punished …
(so that everyone else in the command chain can shrug it off, and be saying, ‘mistake correct, justice served, nothing to see here any longer, comrades.’)


We’re getting way off topic, but this whole thing is Johnny-come-lately bullshit.



Exactly. Same mentality as “the beatings will continue until morale improves”.


Officially this disease has a mortality rate of 2%, mostly in elderly or sick people. Either the doctor was extremely unlucky or this disease is worse than we’ve been told.

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There are more either-ors: treatments vary. Timing of treatments vary. Just like with other strong flu and related viruses: different people have differential immune system response to the virus.

I’m curious how his infant will do, since I read that his kid has it too now.

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