Wuhan coronavirus outbreak rises to 440 in China, with 9 dead

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Counting seems difficult for the Chinese Gov.

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Someone should suggest the “just imagine that coronavirus patients are Uighurs” strategy.

When dealing with problems you’ve historically struggled with it can help to draw experience from areas of strength.


White House using this as an excuse to crack down on immigration in three… two…

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They like to follow the Bing doctrine in everything.
“You’ve got to accent-uate the positive, elim-inate the negative”.

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Wuhan coronavirus: Macau confirms first case as new disease looms over Hong Kong

  • Detection doubts as the 52-year-old female patient passed through border checkpoints without showing symptoms

4.4 million seems more accurate
Just passing by Wuhan is enough to get you contaminated

I’ll take it as a positive that they are saying anything at all… But yeah, they don’t want to cause panic yet are cutting off a major city to stop the spread…
Sorry China, it is out in the wild now and containment theatre and misinformation is not going to make it better.

I don’t know if it is a face thing (probably), but the Chinese, as represented by the CCCP, are hypersensitive to criticism. So, that a negative instance should occur in the first place is call to stamp out any possible criticism. They seem to do this as a priority rather than come to grips and swing in to action. You’d think after SARS they would have a plan. Do people realise that during SARS, when WHO officials visited Beijing to inspect the situation the government emptied wards giving the afflicted ambulance “taxi rides” around town solely to minimise the negative numbers?
Carry on. Nothing to worry about.

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