China mourns Li Wenliang, the Wuhan whistleblower doctor who warned of coronavirus outbreak

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I think there were a couple of German people who were diagnosed with this virus. They had a sore throat for a couple of days and recovered quickly.

This fits with the narrative that unhealthy people with compromised immune systems are being hit hardest.

For sure, patients in Wuhan are receiving poor care, but that shouldn’t kill a healthy person with the flu.

I still wonder about environmental effects specific to China which are making this virus worse.

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Winnie the Pooh is about to notify the search engines and social media platforms about a new forbidden search term.


I haven’t made it through this whole thing yet, but ADV China gives an overview of the outbreak and how they see China worked to quiet things down until they finally were unable to.

For those unfamiliar, theses are two Ex-pats living in China, married to Chinese wives. They love the country and the people, yet not so much the government. Usually they drive around on motorcycles showing off the sites and the wonderful country side while talking about a subject on helmet mics.


We actually call it “Winnie the flu” in China


And the missing written confession he was forced to sign after 2 days in jail asking him to not disturbe the CCP society “harmony”



At this rate China will soon claim that there never was a province named Hubei or a city named Wuhan. :astonished:

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They are actually trying to rename the virus to something without the reference to Wuhan or China in the name. Butthurt

NCP chosen as temporary name for virus

China’s National Health Commission has given the virus a temporary official name – novel coronavirus pneumonia, or NCP.

The commission announced the new name at a press conference on Saturday and said it should be adopted by China’s government departments and organisations in China until a permanent name for the infection has been determined.


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