WHO-led team of scientists is in Wuhan investigating COVID-19 pandemic origins in China

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We won’t get fooled again. Oh, sorry, it’s the CCP - just wishful thinking.

China is number 83 in number of deaths from Covid. The US is no. 1. Who’s getting fooled?


Ahem…for the record the CCP is notorious for dodging the pointed finger - the just don’t handle criticism well. They under-reported SARS deaths and during that outbreak when WHO officials visited Beijing to inspect measures and assess the outbreak, wards of SARS patients were emptied from hospitals and given an ambulance ride around town to diminish the official numbers of affected sufferers. I was also given to understand that things were worse in the provinces where there were unreported mass graves. (I was there at the time and got this from European health coordinators and others with access to the real deal). This time around, given all the nothing happening here - move along denial and then the swift lockdown that followed I have no trust at all in their remarkably low Covid numbers. I’m certain that the virus had a wider impact in China given the massive vectors involved and the population pressure, and how many made it into mobile crematoriums is anyones’ guess. While, in the US you have a certain segment of the population who will say that Covid statistics are inflated, in China it is simply not in their interests to present negative data - on any matter.

Oh, I don’t want you to think that I believe that China’s numbers are anything like those in the US - they just don’t have that level of stupidity - also there is already a strong culture of wearing masks.

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We’re doing a more efficient job at killing people here. Right now. We’re turning the tide, but thousands upon thousands MORE Americans died than Chinese citizens. Even if they under reported, we likely still have more dead with a vastly smaller population.

That does not excuse anything about the CCP, but they have done a much better job saving lives than we have in this case. We’re heading towards half a million by the end of the month.

Stupidity is not what is killing people here. It was a matter of policy. The Trump administration literally had no plan for this. They literally threw out every plan they were given and joyfully refused to do anything on a national level because it was killing people in Democratic led states and people of color at vastly higher rates back last April. The anti-maskers largely would not have been if Dear Leader had advocated mask wearing.

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