First London coronavirus case confirmed- reports

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Here we go. Get ready for some even-worse-than-usual xenophobia against Chinese nationals living or traveling around the globe.


The plot of Contagion (the movie) played out over months, didn’t it? :thinking:

We’ve got a long way to go. (Edit:) Here is the WHO SitRep for today (Feb 12th); I’m watching this plot. I want to find the data source (Edit: found a bit here) so I can plot this with Hubei exposures removed, since that does seem to be largely locked down. The “International Conveyance” spike are, I believe, the cruise ships which are under quarantine; the reporting was probably in bursts.


I don’t doubt that people will be their usual wonderful selves; but is it a surprise that one of the early inquiries would be “acquired in region of known wide transmission or first evidence of transmission in a new area?”

That seems like a pretty foundational thing to wonder about when evaluating how concerned to be.

Can we just cut to the chase and start calling it Captain Trips?



COVID-19 is a novelty, and thus attracts attention. The number of infected people and casualties so far is trivial compared to what yearly influenza epidemics do.

Well gee whiz you’re no fun

Sorry, I’m seeing so much doom-mongering, weird conspiracy theories etc. that I’ve pretty much run out of patience for this stuff.


I heard last week that it had already started in Britain.


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