China escalates the war on jaywalkers with automated shouting laser/squirtguns tied to motion-sensors


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jaywalking. Because cars have more rights than people.


I was expecting something vaguely comical.
What I got was unexpectedly menacing.


no, just more momentum.


So it’s a social repression mechanism?

Damn! At first glance, I thought it was a prank – a damned fine prank.


…spraying jaywalkers with water is the best deterrent.

Works when my cat tries to jaywalk.


Joe Stalin must be rolling over in his grave about the wussiness of modern communist dictatorships. Those guns wouldn’t be shooting water if he had anything to say about it. It’s progress I guess.


Not quite fully automated wealth inequality Earthbound Chinese “communism”.


Gee, I thought getting run over would have topped the list.


Actually, I’d be interested to see a chart in a couple years correlating “above average daily high temperatures” with “incidents of jaywalking” in China…


It’s weird when you wake up one day and find that you’re living on a global-size Demolition Man set.


Does the system vaporize cars if they run the red light?


Please go stand by the curb. We are here to protect you. Pak Chooie Unf!


It was the opposite for me!


Sprayguns can be quickly reloaded with many things - ink, ammonia, gasoline, whatever won’t degrade the orifice - so Stalin might like 'em!


This could really backfire on a hot, sunny day;
people running reds for that cool mist spray


Shocking news in 1920!


Half a century ago, this would have been on Candid Camera.


I hate when that happens!

That used to be the case until somewhat recently - at least the drivers of cars did. All other things being equal, the largest vehicle had the right of way, and pedestrians were expected to yield to all vehicles. Now there is a law that pedestrians in marked crosswalks have priority when the traffic light is in their favor.

“Right of way” might not translate to “rights,” in the sense you were using it though. The laser and squirt gun thing does sound ridiculous.


China really treat its citizen as cats, spraying them in the face shouting “NO” !