China to require fingerprints of all foreign visitors as new security step


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身正不怕影子斜 - A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe.

ok to be afraid of the person shoving the crooked shoe on the straight foot, however - and that person’s boss - and the committee promulgating the underlying policy


And of course, the people saying such bullshit have never found themselves actually wearing a crooked shoe: a badly made shoe can warp a person’s joints/foot cartilage, leaving lasting and even permanent damage.

Which continues the metaphor, because people who say this are already corrupt.



I wonder if this can be combined with any biometric data from the OPM breach to detect American operatives entering the country?


got tired of swabbing / dusting surreptitiously? poor darlings


That’s actually one of the big reasons most of china’s neighbors already do this: they live next to china.


This is what happens in the absence of globalization.


This is probably a direct response to Trump’s trade provocations, because a lot of his actual target audience flied into China for 1/4 of the year. The last few years saw China reducing their documentation requirements, even allowing multi-year visas with an easily obtained rubber stamp for any business traveler.


In the border Uruguay / Argentina there is fingerprint scanners. When you go from Uruugay to Argentina your fingerprints are not taken, but in the way back, yes, you are scanner. I do not know why.


45’s return to conflict mining for rare minerals is part of this I’d bet.

“Rare earth minerals are used in smartphones, hybrid vehicles, missile systems, medical devices and other electronic products. China controls about 95% of global rare earths production, and holds half the world’s reserves of these metals, according to U.S. think tank National Center for Policy Analysis.Jun 5, 2015”

When you poke a hornet’s nest the first response of the hornet is to protect it’s nest.


Do they ask you if you are, or have ever been a member of the Capitalist party? No?
Still less egregious than the US then, and I’m not talking about the US of the last few months. It’s like you don’t even want people to visit.


Fingerprinting is a bit old-hat now, isn’t it?

I suppose it could be a psychological tactic used to put “foreign visitors” on edge.


It’s still heavily used, just like witnesses.


Wow - what kind of country would finger-print foreigners as they arrive?

Just sayin’!


There are now fingerprint scanners to get into my university library.


If they take your prints when you go from Argentina to Uruguay, do they give them back when you go from Uruguay to Argentina?


I hear that certain foreign nationals have been dredging university libraries more as of late. As if stealing our corn isn’t enough. Finger printing in this instance is good. Where is the database being held is a question I’d ask.


The reason they did it here is far more domestic and prosaic… some guys were stealing lap tops last year.


That happens every year, mindy, at every uni…there was probably something worse going on, like industrial espionage or assault.


I’m pretty sure that this was the excuse here, whatever the real reason actually was (better tracking our comings and goings - even though we previously had to swipe in with our cards).