Chinese surveillance/tech giant Alibaba joins ALEC, will start co-authoring US legislation

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I really don’t think china’s business thugs should get to make decisions about my constitutional life in America. I just can’t imagine the original signers thinking this is a good idea. Actually I’d like to kill ALEC and all it represents. It needs to have a lot of publicity so people can see whats happening to us and why. Fucking Greed whores!


You mean tRump, Bannon, and the Mercers?


When Reagan was elected the first time my young dumb self said it won’t happen again… Had I realized then just how stupid the American voters are I would have fled the country. I am currently writing this from my apartment in the Amazon area of Peru and thinking about burning my passport.


The part I don’t understand is that only half of ALEC’s work benefits business. The other half is crazy right-wing hoo-ha, like outlawing abortions and making it legal to shoot black people. How does that nonsense benefit any business? I can’t even figure out which half is the real ALEC.


It benefits big business by getting Republicans elected.


You’re making the mistake that a large group of ANY nationality is rational. People in large groups are panicky and stupid, and the ability to take advantage of that is amplified by big media, big business, big tech, etc.


Why, that would be smart ALEC.


The United States is one of the few countries that allows its citizens to renounce their citizenship even if they do not have citizenship with another country. Such renunciation will render you stateless, however.

Garry Davis is one of the better-known examples but there are others:


That does not benefit business.

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If there ever was a time to reverse Citizens United, it is now.


What Amazon™ owns part of Peru? This corporate sponsorship nonsense is getting out of hand! :wink:

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Surely the “Shooting Black People” laws are just part of the larger, more profitable, “Lock Up Black People and Force Them To Make White Goods and Paint” laws?

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There seems to be a perception among much of the corporate elite that it does, as long as Republicans push for deregulation, corporate welfare, privatization, etc.

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Okay well, how about if China gets rid of their Security Theatre Collective by choking ALEC with cash and ‘new ideas?’ What theory of chum should one have around? (Just don’t make it barf its organs into your bloodstream?)

I do wonder, at what point will Amazon own everything? That does seem to be their current trajectory.

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