China's military camo looks like Minecraft


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Too bad it does nothing to FLIR.


Maybe it does. If it has high reflectance/low emissivity, it could do some job. Hard to judge from visible-spectrum-only photograph, though.

Weird thing is, thermal camo is likely at least somewhere to be restricted tech. While those paints that do the same job and are marketed as an energy saving device, as the objects then reflect energy from the outside (aiding air conditioning) and keep it inside (for heating), are entirely civilian.

I have a FLIR One on the way, should do some tests…


Mojang didn’t actually invent the square, nor do they own the rights to the shape. It is public domain, I’m pretty sure.


Shouldn’t the pattern be arranged differently on each vehicle? They’re all identical, as if they textured one model and cloned it.


Not if they use a stencil. It would be identical. Could be a vinyl wrap as well. Or robots painted them! Remember, Communists LOVE conformity and sameness.


All militaries love conformity and sameness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably comes with the territory and the associated mindsets.


True to a degree, but many of them allow some personal flair.


I’m almost sure this is a vinyl wrap, especially those blue tanks. The event this was for was celebrating their (temporary) blue skies, so the blue was likely only temporary for the special event.


As a vehicle camouflage, it seems to owe more to the dual-tex experiments of the 1970s than to the UCP uniform pattern of the 2010s…

Personally, I don’t suspect that they’re a vinyl wrap… Rollers work… After all, the military usually wants a matte, not gloss finish…


I thought that was the usual thing to do. They have detailed plans indicating where each shape should go. Having unique plans per vehicle sounds like a huge pain in the ass and if you let people improvise, then they will probably mess up the properties of the pattern.


Not improvisation, just variation. If the front wheel of all your tracked missile launchers is tan while the rest are green, and there’s an identical brown splotch in the same place on the skirt, that’s going to make them more noticeable if they’re in a group. A repeated pattern against a naturally chaotic background stands out.


A 40-year-old camo pattern is all over the internet today because they mentioned Minecraft in the headline. Clickbait works!


“8 bit” is dead long live “Minecraft”


Plus, if they were unique, it’s easier to count them, even if they don’t appear in the same photo together…


More like “Authoritarians LOVE conformity and sameness”. I do accept that most of the nominally communist countries have been authoritarian though.


Militaries love conformity and sameness. When I was at the University of Kentucky, I had a class in the ROTC building, and it had exactly the same paint, floor tile, doorknobs, corner molding, everything as the US Army motor pool office my father worked at in Frankfurt, Germany. It was surreal, like stepping across an ocean and a decade. It even smelled the same.


The pattern on the vehicle there looks very much like it was generated by means of Excel macros. Or at least it looks that way to me since a month or so ago I did just that as I couldn’t find any good clip art of very exaggerated digicam.

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