China's toxic livestreaming culture: the vicarious lives of angry, alienated, uneducated rural gamers

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And some how the CCP thinks they’re not under capitalism in their country? This is alienation 101. These folks are literally alienated from the act of LIVING.


That sounds familiar.


Because in a country where there are at least 50 million less women than guys, alienating the existing women with toxic misogyny will really help changing things…


…when they go after women, they always accuse them of sleeping around or say their tits are too big, too small, too fake — that sort of thing. A lot of the insults are about sex and the women’s physical attributes.

How crude! Thank goodness the internet is more civilized here in the West.


This whole thing sounds really familiar.


…both the streamers and the audiences drawn heavily from poor and rural Chinese people who sense that the country’s prosperity boom is over and that they have lost out – that all future gains in China will be captured by affluent people and their children and that they will forever be frozen out.

Pretty succinct summary of the capitalist system no matter where it rears its head. Cf. the rural Midwest of ye ol US of A. A thousand other general locales might be named.


I saw this at the local art house theater. It was mind boggling how much these people earn just by being webcam exhibitionists/ personalities.
People literally pay them their rent money and they make millions.

From what I recall, though a large portion comes from their “sponsor” who also acts a promoter, or silent partner. That heavy set fellow spends millions as a sponsor.

Kuaishou, now valued at eighteen billion dollars, is out to turn a profit; the app gets a fifty-per-cent cut of the money its streamers earn. The ethical implications of this system of patronage are murky, to say the least.

Kuaishou operates within a growing attention economy, in which the most unpalatable and provocative feeds often attract the most eyeballs and bring in the most cash.

Seen in this light, “gifting” seems not unlike an offhanded coin toss to a circus freak, with Kuaishou as a ringleader, profiting off Chinese society’s thirst for quick entertainment and growing fascination with a marginalized other.


I blame SJW’s for all of this! I’ll give you a 2 hour rant on why this is the case in part 2 of this video.

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